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Character name: Bigby B Wolf
Character journal: [personal profile] name
Series name: Fables: Wolf Among Us
Canon notes: Bigby is specifically coming post Wolf Among Us and pre "Fables" comic series

Species: Were-man Fable? He's an eight foot tall at the shoulder wolf, the son of the North Wind and 'cursed' by a knife that lets him turn into a human or any variation of wolf man he feels like.

History: This is a cut and paste from his wiki.

Once upon a time

Bigby was one of seven pups born to the North Wind and Winter, a white, female wolf. He was the runt of the litter and mockingly called 'Big Bad Wolf' by his brothers; Bigby for short. He hated his father for leaving his family. When Winter died, his brothers went to learn from the North Wind, but he stayed behind to try to protect Winter's body from scavengers.

After he failed to protect his mother's body, Bigby vowed to kill something bigger every day. By the time he hunted the Three Little Pigs, he had discovered the gifts he inherited from the North Wind. The first humans he hunted and ate were Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. A local woodsman cut him open while Bigby was sleeping, pulled Red Riding Hood and her grandmother out of his stomach, sewed rocks into his belly, and threw Bigby into a river. He survived by holding his breath for three weeks (another gift from the North Wind) and passing the stones until he could swim to the surface. Following that incident, he swore to only hunt humans.

As Bigby began eating humans, he grew unnaturally large. He devoured entire towns, defeated armies, and even killed a dragon. Eventually, he made his way towards the North Wind. He tried to eat his father seven times and each time he was sent flying for seven times seven days. After the seventh time, he vowed to forget his father, stop mourning his mother, and be his own wolf.

When the Adversary's armies invaded, the Wolf discovered that the flesh of anyone serving in the Adversary's armies was tainted with a foul taste. Furious that the Adversary was stealing his usual prey without providing a suitable replacement, and refusing to join the Adversary's army himself (determined to be his own leader), Bigby dedicated himself to thwarting the Adversary's plans. He traveled from kingdom to kingdom.

He eventually came to a certain kingdom where he learned of a witch who had a portal to the mundane world. When the witch traveled through the portal herself, the Wolf followed her and marked the trail, so that he and only he would be able to find the portal again. In furtherance of his attempts to frustrate the Adversary, the Wolf took up the task of leading fables who wished to escape the Adversary through the portal. In order to ensure that no spies were shown through, he insisted on tasting the flesh of everyone to whom he showed the path, and determining whether it was tainted or not. In this way he first encountered Snow White and Rose Red, who had been captured by the Adversary. When the Wolf had killed the group's goblin captors, most of the captives attempted to flee the Wolf in terror, except for Snow White and Rose Red, who could not move because of their chains. Snow White took up a sword to defend herself, which the Wolf found particularly amusing. Freeing them, he offered to take them through the portal if they would let him taste their flesh, which they did.

The New World

Over the next two centuries, the Wolf continued to battle the Adversary's forces, guiding more people through to the mundane world, until the Adversary's warlocks improved their ability to track him and he finally traveled through the portal himself. Deciding not to feed on the people he had helped deliver from the Adversary, he settled in Carpathia. The locals were superstitious, and blamed the Wolf's predations on a local Count, whom they claimed was a fell spirit risen from the dead. This meant that the Wolf was left alone. The Count enjoyed the notoriety and he and the Wolf visited occasionally - through the Count, the Wolf was able to get some news of the wider world.

Eventually, the Wolf was tracked down by Snow White and Feathertop. Snow White offered to let the Wolf join one of their two new Fabletown communities, but admitted that he was not welcome in the wilderness community and that the other, based in New Amsterdam, would require that he pass as a human. She then revealed that she had purchased a knife, with an enchantment that would let men walk as wolves or, as the original owner had claimed, vice versa. Due in part to the Wolf's curiosity regarding Snow White's scent (which he still could not forget), he agreed to the terms and used the knife to take on human form. He traveled with Snow and Feathertop across the sea to America. He subsequently took the name Bigby and became Fabletown's sheriff.

Personality: Bigby has mellowed out a lot. He is still the biggest, baddest individual in the Fables world, but he has no need to prove it. Everyone knows it. He has a very laid back, fuck you all attitude to the world. Like, fuck you, but I'm not going to do anything about it unless you make it an issue.
He rarely starts things. He will always finish them, however. He does not make idle threats, if he warns you "or else" and you don't back down, or else will follow and it will not be pleasant for you. Despite that and his penchant for casual violence, he rarely needs to be rougher than pushing and shoving with his fellow Fables (who are a tough bunch anyway). He keeps teeth and claws sheathed whenever possible, because he's worked hard at being accepted as Sheriff and moving on from his human munching, casual devastation days.
Fables have long memories, however, and Bigby's reputation is always there. He's alone a lot of the time and he seems lonely even when he's with other people. His best friend is Colin Pig, (the straw house), who he routinely has carted off to the Farm where he's meant to live. Colin usually turns up again within a few months to crash on Bigby's couch for a couple of days before being sent home once more. Colin bitches that bigly owes him, Bigby serves Colin bacon for breakfast. They have that sort of friendship and that's about as close as Bigby knows how to be to people.
Bigby deeply respects the need for due order and course as part of his job. As much easier as it would be to just pop off heads, he knows that protocol needs to be followed and people need to trust in justice and his ability to be fair and impartial. He might bend the rules a little, like giving someone extra time to arrange a glamour for themselves, or give them time to talk to a loved one before he takes them in, but everyone will be treated the same by the law.
Except Jack Horner. Fuck that guy. If it can be Jack's fault, it probably is Jack's fault and he at least deserves a slap upside the head for it.

Bigby's a gruff, rough guy who has worked hard to be a better personage than he used to be. Despite the fact that he gets little to no credit for this fact or the danger he puts himself in protecting Fabletown.

I am so sorry, I didn't realise how stupidly overpowered he is until I started writing this, I promise he mostly doesn't do anything but end fights people pick with him.
• Super strength: He's stupidly strong. He can bite through metal, he can casually tear apart walls with his hands, even in his human form. He can pull off an ogre's arm. Just… rip and pull.
• Enhanced scent: Bigby's sense of smell is so strong that he can smell for miles even in a city. He's on constant sensory overload and combats this with his relentless smoking of crappy brand cigarettes. Any person he tasted the blood of, he can track down. He can pick drops of one person's blood from another's. He can also scent through glamours when he tries. Point is, amazingly sensitive nose.
• Regeneration: Bigby was blessed with a fate to be immortal. He is nigh on unkillable and heals exceptionally quickly, especially in his natural form. The strength of his fairytales means he has a lot of belief behind him that gives him more power and makes him even more unkillable. He's too beloved to die.
• Shapeshift: Bigby's natural form, as noted above, is an eight foot tall wolf with rending claws and teeth. He wasn't born huge, but his size has grown over the years based on his notoriety, power and habit of eating exclusively humans for several centuries. He is enchanted to grant him the ability to turn into a human, which is mostly how he lives these days. When he gets particularly angry or injured, the wolf starts leaking out, giving him several fairly classic werewolf forms of Wolf-man and the Werewolf. The more wolf, the more powerful he is.
• Huff'n'Puff: Son of the North Wind, that would be where he gained the ability to huff and puff and blow things down. He doesn't do this much because he doesn't really like the reminder of his father AND it's sort of destructive and he tries not to be that sort of asshole. As a side effect of this, he can also hold his breath indefinitely. Breathing IS optional (he likes breathing).
• Investigator: Bigby's been serving as the lone Sheriff of Fabletown for centuries. He's learned a lot about investigations and how to ferret out the truth, using his powers and mundane observations. He can usually pick when people are lying through a lot of practice and experience, but he's also known the other Fables for a very long time, which probably helps.
• Death to machines: It's less Bigby hates machines, they just don't like him much and he doesn't really bother with them. He can't drive, he can't program a video or dvd player, he doesn't even own a stereo system. He's fine with phones and basic tbs and the coffee maker but he's never going to be overly interested in tech or particularly capable beyond what his implant gives him.
Augment Skillset: Tactical support.


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